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Oil - Trade and Commercial

Oil - Trade and Commercial

430 Grade Stainless Steel Flue Systems


Manufactured from 0.5mm 430 grade stainless steel in diameters from 100mm - 300mm as standard. Larger sizes are available. All pipe lengths are double-lockseamed on longitudinal seams to ensure a leak proof installation.

Typical Applications

Can be used on gas and oil fired space heaters and boilers, combustion air ducting, fan dilution systems, air conditioning and ventilating ducts, steam venting in laundries etc, and flue pipe connections for some domestic and commercial gas appliances. 430 grade stainless steel can also be used on many fume extract ducts but check suitability with us as another grade of stainless steel may have to be specified.


Sections can be joined together using self tap screws or pop rivets. Alternatively securing bands can be used. All male (crimped) ends should point downwards to eliminate leakage of condensate.

Roof Penetration

Change over sections are available which have both ends crimped to prevent rain entering joints above roof level. These sections are fitted where the flue run passes through the roof.

Flashing plates are available in lead, aluminium or stainless steel. The pitch of roof must be specified on lead flashings but standard adjustable flashings are suitable for roofs from 0-30 pitch. Storm collars or cravats should be fixed to fluepipe immediately above flashing plate and should be sealed to fluepipe with silicon or similar non setting sealant.


Use standard cowls on oil-fired appliances and double-inverted cowls on induced draught systems to reduce back pressure in flue. Gas terminals should only be used on gas appliances. Universal Terminals are suitable for either Oil or Gas.

Other terminals can be manufactured where downdraught is present.


Standard wall brackets are supplied with 305mm long stems made from 25 x 25 x 3mm mild steel angle. These can be cut to length on site if required. Support should always be given to the flue immediately above any offset.

Ceiling Plates

Are available to fasten to underside of roof to neaten the appearance where flue passes through.

Special Items

Non-standard items such as modular tees for multi-boiler installations, adaptors or special angled elbows, etc., can be supplied on receipt of a dimensioned drawing or sketch.


Push starter into either appliance or single wall pipe and secure. Insert the crimped end of std pipe length into inner sleeve of starter. Another std pipe of 50mm greater diameter is then placed around the inner pipe and inserted into the outer sleeve of starter and secured. At the end of each section a connector is used to keep the inner and outer length of pipe concentric. Continue assembling in this manner for as long as required. At the termination of the twinwall section a terminator is used to close gap between inner and outer sections.

Other Products

Single wall stainless steel can be supplied in 304 and 316 grade for solid fuel appliances and where greater corrosion resistance is required. Details supplied on request.

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